Pet Friendly

Welcoming your best friend

At Vivara Bali, we welcome every family member, including your pet. Our doors are always open for dogs and cats. Not only are your pets welcome in your villa, but they can also relax at our restaurant and garden area. When you meet our pets loving guest relation officer, chances are they have some treats in their pocket.

Vivara Pet Policy

Check out our pet policy below to assure you and your pet have great memories purr-ever/paw-ever:

  • Maximum of 2 pets per villa, each weighing up to 17 kg.
  • Pets are referred to as dogs and cats only.
  • IDR 2.000.000- (minimum charge – can be vary depend on the case) for deep cleaning/repairs in the event of damage caused by the pet to the room or any other resort facilities during the stay.
  • Pets must be on a leash or in a carrier during the guest’s stay.
  • Our greenery garden is a healthy lung for all guests. When your pets want to have the loo, kindly direct them to our designated pet toilet area and clean up after them for everyone’s comfort.
  • Social distancing also applies to our little friends as some pets may be intimated at the paws of another pet. The last thing we want is two pets to get into a fight or one to be terrified in a corner. As pet owners, you are responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your pet. Tip: consider bringing that cat scratcher or dog muzzle if they bite.
  • Excessive or loud barking may be disruptive, so please soothe your furry friend in these stressful situations and reduce their noise level as much as possible. While we understand that pets may be moody and stressful in an unfamiliar environment, we would also like to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Please accept our apologies if we ask you to put your pet in time-out or leave the lobby area when they show aggression.
  • We love that pets are curious by nature; however, please keep them close to you. The simple rule is to keep them on a leash at all times or within a stroller or baby carrier. Extended leashes are prohibited.
  • To refrain pets from accidentally taking a sip of our yummy cocktails, we have a no-pet policy at all of our bars. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and tabletops, as well as not to chew or claw on our decors. Any damage will be the responsibility of pet owners.
  • Come prepared! Water is just as essential as food and treats, so please bring your pet’s preferred water bowls to keep them well and hydrated.
  • Maximum 2 pets per villa.
  • Pets are not allowed jump-in the main swimming pool.
We love being a pet-friendly hotel, but we also understand that pets can be unpredictable in new environments.
Let’s all do our part — keep a close eye on them and keep them happy at all times.



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